Featured Architect

This is not a complete list and there is very little information on some of the architects. I’d be grateful if anyone can provide better links, photos or more information on these people and practices.

A number of things have struck me whilst reading about these various architects in contemporary journals. Very many of the architects served in one or both of the World Wars, their hard-won careers often severely interrupted, with the second war sometimes prompting unlooked for early retirement.

As is well-known, Britain hosted many emigre architects from Germany and elsewhere in Europe during the 1930s and several of these are to be found designing flats for Londoners. Their designs are often among the more Modernist in the UK’s highly conservative architectural environment of the 1930s and no doubt influenced and encouraged our home-grown architects. I would like to think that the curves and joie de vivre on show in many of the buildings might have arisen from a powerful latent need to express joy after the first war, but clearly the art deco style has a far more complex precedent.

Reading contemporary journals has also reminded me in what esteem architects used to be held, both within the building industry as well as in the national newspapers where glowing obituaries are to be found. 1930s women were completely out of the professional picture – another reminder of how far we have come in only 80 years.